Ideco Wi-Fi Mesh

Mesh Network is a distributed, peer-to-peer, cell-based network.

The main advantages of MESH networks are fast deployment, high mobility, and low initial investments. The network deployment does not require to lay wires and prepare infrastructure. For example, if a company moves to a new office, it can easily move access points to a new location and deploy a Wi-Fi network there in a few minutes.

MESH technology is actively used not only in office buildings. MESH is ideal for providing public access to the Internet (Hot Spot) in stadiums, parks and other outdoor areas. A good example is the deployment of seamless wireless network coverage for large warehouses.

Ideco Wi-Fi Mesh Advantages

  • Quick configuration in a few clicks makes it possible to deploy the network not only to wireless network professionals, but also to ordinary advanced users. Basic knowledge of network technologies is enough.
  • The technology of transparent transmission of L2 frames allows to transmit data using LLDP and CDP, as well as any specific Ethernet network protocols through the wireless mesh network.
  • Advanced mechanisms for handling multicast traffic significantly reduce the overall load on the network, making it possible to transmit highdefinition video and voice data along with ordinary user traffic.
  • During the deployment and in subsequent operation all traffic passing through the mesh network and the administrative console is encrypted with strong algorithms.
  • The network configuration is updated in a decentralized manner, without the use of the administrative console. If there is no power on one or more devices, the configuration, including black lists of MAC addresses and new access keys, will be updated to the current version using a specific encrypted communication channel.
  • Any mesh segments can be interconnected via intermediate mesh nodes, wired Ethernet channels, as well as through available Wi-Fi access points in any configurations. At the same time, for each connection, the most efficient route will be used (in terms of bandwidth).

Recommendations for use

Vacation settlements/parks


Parking lot


Hotels/shopping centers

More details in our PDF presentation