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Ideco Selecta

High performance content filtering system.

Filters HTTP and encrypted HTTPS traffic at speeds of up to 10 Gbit/second.

Integrated filtering technology from the leading suppliers of enterprise solutions: Zvelo® and SafeDNS®.

Protection against online threats: restricts access to malicious, phishing and infected sites. Lists of these sites are updated in real time in a cloud database, enabling reliable protection for all users and devices.

Simple integration into your existing Internet infrastructure: the system can function as a proxy server, as an Internet gateway with virtualization support and as a Debian Linux service.

Morphological analysis of website text means access to undesirable information can be blocked, even for pages that are not categorized in the database.

Over 500 million URLs divided into 140 content categories within a cloud database provide maximum flexibility when configuring access to Internet resources for users and groups

Online user activity reports can highlight suspicious or inappropriate activity. This can prevent reputational damage and loss of working time.

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