DLP Monitoring Software

Our solution enables you to control all employee activities on workstation. It logs all events and information; monitors file transfer channels inside your company and data transfer to external sources.

It enables to analyze employee efficiency, determine empoloee’s real KPIs, and provide control and protection of sensitive information, investigate incidents and reveal insiders responsible. Our solution is a bundled solution that makes your businesssafe and secure.

Key Benefits

Automatic WORK TIME tracking

Our solution logs the beginning and the end of each employee’s workday, including lunch and coffee breaks, etc. It enables executives and employees, themselves, to improve discipline at the workplace and reduce idle periods.

Work time monitoring enables user to prevent data leaks of sensitive information, visits to unproductive websites, and other unwanted activity It shows you a clear and complete picture of each employee’s activities.


Our solution is a wayback machine for your business! At any moment, you can go back in time and see what a particular employee was doing in a specified period in the past.

Constructor of multidimensional data reports enables you to receive a set of specified data on the fly. Searching by keywords and regular expressions makes incident investigation quick and easy, and microphone recording of the workstation surroundings.

EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY evaluation and control

Our solution contains an option to monitor employee activities at a workstation. Using this option, you can log data about applications launched on each employee’s workstation and the total time an employee works with each of them.

You can categorize web sites and applications that an employee uses as productive or unproductive.

You can monitor employee statistics online via admin panel or receive daily reports about the previous day’s activities of specific employees or whole departments by specifying report delivery time Reports are generated in PDF format.

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