About Ideco

Ideco is a modern Russian IT company that specializes in developing solutions for smart-processing network traffic.

The company's history began in 2004 with the development of a billing system for the largest technical university in the Ural region. The platform's security and ease of use were so high that, following its industrial implementation, several commercial orders appeared immediately. The company was registered in 2005. Our team turned a profit during the first year, and sales consistently grew at a rate that stayed ahead of the market. Ideco became one of the first companies in Russia to launch a consumer UTM gateway on a Linux core with an easy-to-use graphical interface: Ideco UTM.

The foundation of the product was based on our own fundamental and applied research in the field of providing the highest possible security against external threats and ensuring efficient ease of use for the system administrator. In 2015 the Russian editorial board of PC Magazine named Ideco UTM "one of the most modern traffic-control systems from a technical perspective."

Largely thanks to acknowledgement from the professional community in the field of information security and the trust the company has earned, Ideco has amassed a unique breadth of experience that includes several high-profile projects in the Russian information security market.

Our significant expertise in the field of web content filtering has allowed us to launch a cloud services provider on the global market, SkyDNS, one of whose technology partners is Zyxel. In 2015 we launched an entirely new product, Ideco Selecta, for high-speed (up to 40 GB/s) web traffic filtering across 140 categories with over 600 millions URLs in a database of indexed web resources.

Today Ideco has patents on two proprietary technologies. Our product line features the latest algorithms for co-processor computing and increasing failsafe parameters. Ideco is an active participant in the organization of professional conferences and is a member of the Russian Soft Association of Software Developers. All Ideco products are registered with the Russian Software Registry.